Custom Clothing
Design & Production

Let your brand be seen and admired everywhere.

The perfect exposure for your brand is well-designed 100% custom-made clothing.

Even though we are present on the market for almost 30 years, we always strive for new challenges, goals and success with courage, prudence, moderation, fairness, and perseverance.

They say the universe accompanies our destiny every 7 years. Maybe that’s why we decide to upgrade and broaden our unique, creative, innovative marketing solutions and services with custom clothing design and production capabilities.

Quality is our way of life. It’s our way of thinking and working. Superior quality creates confidence and smiling faces. It can only be guaranteed by efficient management of all phases of the business and production process.


Our team can create flat designs or factory standard tech packs. We will work closely with you to translate your ideas into designs.

As well as having a library of standard fits that are created by us and updated periodically to follow trends, we can create your custom fits and graded sizes.

Test the materials, the fit, the branding application and the functionality of your garment before placing a bulk order. We want you to be certain on the details before proceeding with a bulk order.

After the sample is tested and any changes or tweaks are discussed, we can proceed with your bulk order where each garment is carefully crafted by our experienced production team.

For decades we cooperate with professional business partners and verified clothing manufacturers; giving you the advantage of communication and customer service mixed with the best possible material and manufacturing quality along with competitive pricing.

With many additional services offered we can really be a one stop shop for you and your brand.
We treat each brand as if it is our own and strive to build great relationships and offer full transparency to our clients.
Let’s make achieving apparel objectives seamless.